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Our team has a combined experience of 40 years in managing hair salons, styling and hair care products. Over the years in the industry, we are aware of the need to create natural and high quality hair care products for our customers. After years of product testing and development, Lotus N Coco was established to cater to our clients who are looking for safe, natural and effective hair care products.

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  • Lotus N Coco - 非常好用


    Coco hair mask 值得购买,第一次用时感觉不到什么,用第二次就感觉到☺️长头发最大的烦恼就是干燥打结,而这款发膜就解决了这个烦恼,洗完头发很柔顺滑容易梳头发也觉得头很轻,天然的淡香气味好闻,真心值得推介👍🏼

  • Lotus N Coco - 好好用


    真心推荐❤️ 一款好用清香的发膜 而且比某大牌的护发产品好用👍

  • Lotus N Coco - recommended


    Lotus N Coco mask keeps my hair smooth, and silky and no more tangle.. ⭐️ recommended for girl with med to long hair 😍 i had been looking around for good hair mask and i finally found it! The ingredient was natural and safe to use, five star for this product

  • Lotus N Coco - Goood!!


    我热爱 lotusncoco 发膜 我每天都要用的这款发膜 全世界都买不到! 😅😂 只有阿娘之家出产~ 太棒棒了😬 用了之后我不再用别家的发膜~ 因为这个发膜真的太好用了, 你试过一次可能不懂的效果, 用多几次你就会发现 你的头发真的越来越滑,头发也掉少了~ 轻轻松松 不油~ 很滑,很柔顺~ 这个产品也够kkm 认证,安全 大肚婆,小孩子都可以用 *你们用了好用一定要介绍给妈妈 给闺蜜 给所有你疼爱的朋友 因为好的发膜不好找

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